Thursday, September 29, 2005

A small post here:

We are back and our only damage was a bad A/C. It is now fixed so our home is open to anyone who needs a place to stay for a few days in New Orleans. Just call me if any of y'all need to spend a night here while in town.

I'm adding some local news links, and since i lived a month in the DFW area, im adding some links for them too.

I hope everyone is ok and talk to ya soon

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good evening everyone.

Lisa and I are in Fort Worth, TX at my grandmother's house. My dad is working in Lake Charles. My other grandmother, aunt, and uncle are in Houston, and Lisa's mother is in Atlanta. My plans are to return for a day when Broussard gives the OK, and then either ride it out at my dad's, which we think is in good shape (Algiers has running water and gas), or me, dad, and Lisa will go to Austin for a while where my aunt has a large house.

As far as the condo is concerned, we do not know its condition. We have positive reports from several areas around it so we are cautiously optimistic that water and wind damage is at small to moderate levels. Except for a few odds and ends, we both think that we took all of the important stuff with us. Then again, all of those things are just that...things. Everyone is safe and that is what's most important.

As for the future, we will rebuild whatever we have to and we will remain. From videos, Lisa's office building looks in good shape, its location notwithstanding. As for Trinity, I have no reports on how the boats fared or the yard for that matter, other than the yard was built on the other side of the floodwall and therefore is more able to take a beating such as that. No matter what, there are at least 14 owners with at least $20 million a piece invested in Trinity, so I am certain that as soon as it is able, there will be lots of work to do at Trinity, so I feel safe from am employment standpoint. Plus I recently took a second job with an attorney who has a Poydras Street office. I am less confident in that job, but hope springs eternal.

As for the looters, i divide them into 2 types. One type is rummaging for food and essential items, which i disagree with, but can understand. The ones taking TVs and guns, well they are the scum of the Earth and we all knew before thts tragedy that New Orleans, along with every other place in the world, had its fare share of human waste.

I know there are many of you that have taken severe damage and Lisa and I's thoughts and prayers are with you. My only advice and hope for everyone here is to perservere and have faith that we will all get through this At the end of the day I feel confident that years from now our city will be back to normal: repaired, rebuilt, and better than ever.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SummerSlam 2005 Official Predictions

But first, this word:

I was sent an e-mail this morning that almost made me puke right on my keyboard here at Trinity. Bobby sent it to me, but i think i'd better keep the details of that e-mail secret, except for the the fact that it regards the reign of Das Fuhrer. If you know what that means then great, if you do not then too bad.

Speaking of Trinity, we have 2 boats in the water right now, so if ya wanna get a glimpse of how the other half lives, drive by the yard and peek at the big white boats.

Now, it is time for my SummerSlam predictions:

ORLANDO JORDAN VS. CHRIS BENOIT FOR THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP: There is no purpose in giving Benoit this title, but Jordan has held it long enough. maybe benoit can hold it until a yoot comes along to have a title reign. WINNER: BENOIT


EUGENE VS KURT ANGLE: This shoudl be a really good match and I can see it going either way. Eugene will hold his own but Kurt will get his medal back. WINNER: ANGLE

RANDY ORTON VS THE UNDERTAKER: No was Taker wins this match. Orton needs it to be legitimate on Smackdown. Plus Taker ususally loses big matches not contested at Wrestlemania. WINNER: ORTON

EDGE VS MATT HARDY: No way Hardy wins this match. Losing it will be the final part of his punishment from WWE management for airing his dirty laundry on his website. Besides, somewhere down the line Mr. Money-in-the-Bank needs a good streak to lead into a title shot. WINNER: EDGE

DAVE BATISTA VS JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: I'm almost positive that this was supposed to be Brock's match and that JBL is just a filler since Brock is a fucking asshole. Either way, no way JBL gets his title back, cause that would mean JBL vs. Batista at the next Smackdown PPV. EEEEEEEKKK! WINNER: BATISTA

"THE HEARTBREAK KID" SHAWN MICHAELS VS HULK HOGAN: This will be a great match. Keep telling yourself that, Brian, it will be a great match. I don't know if Hogan can do a great match anymore, I guess we will see. Usually I'd say that HBK wins, but since he just about as wached up as Hollywood is, I think the legend beats the showstopper. WINNER: HULK HOGAN.

SPECIAL PREDICTION: Hogan will hulk up after receiving sweet chin music.

NEVER WILL HAPPEN BUT WOW WOULD IT BE GREAT PREDICTION: HBK is cheating his way through the match and alomst wins when Bret Hart interferes. Hogan wins and Hart disappears. Bad blood spills and we spend three months building to a HBK vs. Bret Hart match at Survivor Series.

Then, I wake up.

JOHN CENA VS CHRIS JERICHO FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: Jericho gets his title shot for re-upping with the WWE. No way he wins because Triple H is scheduled to return in a few weeks, and the Cena-Triple H fued will be outstanding because I think both complement each other very very well with the mic. WINNER: JOHN CENA.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Welcome to Brian's Wonderful World of Golf

From time to time, Brian's News and World Report will be exclusively about golf. This series I will call "Brian's Wonderful World of Golf", which is the name (Shell's Wonderful World of Golf) of a sucessful and still running series (now on the Golf Channel) of one-on-one stroke play matches between touring professionals at top golf courses all over the world. In this series, I will describe my game and the courses I play, as well as anything worth knowing on the PGA Tour or other various tours around the world.

Brian's Wonderful World of Golf: Play where the Pros Play

That is the slogan of Lakewood Country Club, nestled in between Tall Timbers and Lakewood estates on Gen de Gaulle Drive in Algiers. From the mid sixties to 1988, Lakewood hosted the New Orleans Open, later called the First NBC New Orleans Open and then the USF&G Classic. Today the tournament is played at the TPC of Louisiana in Westwego and is called the Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

Lakewood is in a little disrepair right now, which I think may be weather related as the fairways needed to be mowed. The teeboxes and greens however were in excelent shape with few undulations or deadspots. Even though it is way past its prime, there are still many signs that it once hosted the best golfers in the world. There are about three times as many bunkers than ther are on a regular course, and they are large and deep. Few of the holes are straight and the greens are large and undulating. There were several water hazards and many doglegs.

I played very well today. I drove the ball about as well as i ever have and my putting and chipping was outstanding. I had tree trouble on #2 that led to an 11 and it took me a while to get the irons going. That plus the difficulty of the course, which is longer than the normal regular course led me to shoot a 109, about 20 strokes above what i usually shoot.

Lakewood's future was in doubt for a few years. A developer wanted to buy the course and close it after most of the old members jumped ship to English Turn when it opened in 1989. It went public about 5 years ago, and about a year ago, the New Orleans Firefighters Fund bought the course and have managed it well enough that it is now back in the black. This fall, they will shut the course down for about 2 and a half years and completely redesign and rebuild it. It will be newer and shorter. The old remnants of the PGA Tour days will be gone, but it will be a better course.

The PGA Championship will go into a fifth day due to inclemnent weather during the final round. This year the PGA is at Bautusrol CC in Springfield, NJ, which is 10 mintes away from where the New Jersey Circle K District holds their version of Tioga (Thanks to Bobby for that piece of useless information). Bautusrol is one of the oldest courses in the United States, built on farmland once owned by a man named Bautus Roll who was murdered. Jack Nicklaus staged a ferocious final round charge in the 1967 US Open, defeating Arnold Palmer by a then record 7 shots (Tiger Woods' 14 shot margin at the 2000 Open at Pebble is the current record). Then in 1980, Jack broke a 4 year major drought by defeating Isao Aoki to win the 80th US Open. The most recent major at Bautusrol was the 93rd US Open, which was Lee Janzen's first of 2 US Open titles (the second was at Olympic in 1998).

Just for future reference, the 106th US Open will be at Winged Foot in Mamaronek, NY. Davis Love III won the 1997 PGA Championship at Winged Foot. The 135th Open Championship will be at Royal Liverpool in Liverpool, England, hosting the Open for the first time since Roberto de Vicenzo won the Clarett Jug in 1967. The 88th PGA Championship will be at Medinah CC in Medinah, IL, just outside Chicago, where Tiger Woods outlasted Sergio Garcia at the 1999 PGA Champiuonship to win his second major title.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Big Bad Beat

Queens full of tens.

You would expect such a hand to win a game of poker. About 95% of the time? 98%?

Queens full of tens is just a few cards away from the Harrah’s big beat jackpot. The big beat jackpot is a progressive pot that starts around $40,000 and goes to anyone who plays a hand of Aces full of Tens or higher and loses. I think the winning player also shares in the jackpot.

Yet last night, I had Queens full of tens and lost.

I was dealt pocket Queens. I raised before the flop and had two calls: Graham the engineer and Mark the IT tech. Flop comes Jack-Ten-Queen. OK, I’ve flopped a set of queens. I slow play with a small bet and both call. Turn is a Ten. OK, I have Queens full of Tens. I’m guessing one of them has made the Ten, or maybe they have the other queen or a jack. I bet a substantial amount and get called. River is a Jack, making the community cards J-10-Q-10-J. OK, I’m sure I’m up against another full house, but I have the nut full house so I have them by the balls. I’m figuring the other may have a set or was either drawing to or has a straight. Graham goes all in. OK, he has one of the full houses. Mark calls. Wow I say, he has the other full house since he must see the full houses on the board and if he is holding a straight or a set that he would lose. I have them both by the balls. I call and turn my cards over apologizing for whipping their asses. Graham says, “Fuck!” and turns over Ace-Ten. Tens full of Jacks. Got his ass. I look at Mark, expecting to see a Ten or a Jack. That mother fucker turns over pocket Jacks! His 4 Jacks beats my Queens full of tens and Graham’s Tens full of Jacks. Holy Shit!

That hand pretty much took it out of me.

Sunday, Bobby and I will be playing Lakewood CC courtesy of Golf 411.com. $19 bucks a piece for green fees and cart fees. Can’t beat that.

After being anointed the PGA Champ by the media, Tiger Woods must have missed the meeting because he ballooned to a +5 75, which is 8 off the lead starting the morning and 4 off the cut line. Plus he plays the afternoon today, which is usually tougher than the morning. That also bodes well for Phil Mickelson, who shot -3 67 in the afternoon yesterday. He tees off this morning, and is -3 on the day thru 10, putting him at -6 and the leader. Jesper Parnevik is at -4 thru 7, and Goosen and Love III are at -3.

Moment of Silence: Matt’s Magnum Thoughts.

I am sad to see Matt’s blog go away because I always enjoyed reading it. Personally, I think he should tell all of his detractors to fuck off and keep blogging, but I can understand his reasoning. Maybe it will return one day when everything calms down a bit...I hope so. Anyway, the link will stay up in Memorium of a great blog site.

Looks like I’m gonna miss Summer Slam. Really the only match I want to see is HBK-Hogan, but I’m sure that will be available on WWE 24/7 someday.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The weekly Trinity Yachts poker game was again at my place. I won the first game and gracefully exited the other three. We had 9 players, including Tommy, which made for some big pots and a lot of interesting poker.

I gave Golf 411 a shot this weekend. Me and 3 other peeps played a round at Willowdale CC in Boutte. $17.00 a person and the course was in very nice shape. Im goin out again this weekend, maybe back there or to Lakewood.

I have decided at the time being to not purchase NCAA Football 2006 or Madden. I thoroughly enjoy the 05 versions of both games, plus I want to save money, plus I do not like major redesigns, and both games have gone through them. From talking to Tommy, the NCAA 06 has a completely new way of the game and I do not like what he described. I'll stick to the 05 games.

I am sick and tired of the flak that Grand Theft Auto is getting. A normal person can differentiate between video game violence and random sex like in the game from those in real life. When I was 12 I knew the difference. God Dammit, leave Rockstar games alone. Instead of having the government parent kids, let parents parent kids. If a parent doesn't want their kid to have the game, then the parents need to enforce their own rules, not censor the game company. The elitist snob value police on the right needs to chill....

...yes I am criticizing right wingers.....

...we should parent our own kids and lives by actual parenting, not by government regulations. That's why I also disagree with movie ratings and other such stuff. If some kids wanna watch porn, its not the government's problem, it's the parent's problem and the parents ought to parent and not have the government parent for them so that the parents do not have to pay attention.

"But if you get rid of movie ratings, whats to stop teenie bobbers from getting into bad R rated movies?" Easy...if you do not trust your kids enough to give them an order and have it followed, then don't let them out of the house.

"But you can't restrict them like that," Yes you can, if you do not trust them. Parents should parent, not governments.

Finally, if someone doesn't know the difference between GTA:SA and real life and wants to live out fantasies from the game, then that person has a bigger problem than the game

Friday, August 05, 2005

Sports Records Series Part 4: Hockey

When you talk of records in the National Hockey League, one must only use the name Wayne Gretzky.

No one player has had a greater impact on sports statistics than the Great One. He holds almost every single season, single game, and career offensive record in the NHL.

In single season records, he hold the top 8 all time single season assist totals, the top 3 goal totals, and the top 7 point totals. He was also the captain on 4 Stanley Cup teams.

He did have a lot of help. The Edmonton Oilers, all due respect to the Packers of the 60s, Steelers of the 70s, 49ers of the 80s, Cowboys of the 90s, Pats of today, Lakers and Celtics of the 60s and 80s, Bulls of the 90s, Lakers of the early 2000s, or the Yankees of the 90s, were the greatest collection of talent one team of the last 50 years. On this team were Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri, Paul Coffey, Glenn Anderson, Kevin Lowe, Grant Fuhr in net, Esa Tikkinen, Glen Sather behind the bench. I know I’m missing a few names, but trust me when I tell you that they were unbeatable.

Anyway, none of Gretzky’s records will be touched for a long time. Points is a total of goals and assists. Gordie Howe played from the 40s to the 80s. He is number 2 in all time points. Wayne Gretzky has more assists than Howe has points.

There’s really nothing much to say beyond that.

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